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Plumbing Tips

Mend a leaking or broken pipe

  • Turn off the main shutoff valve to stop water from damaging the area.
  • Make short-term repairs to halt the leak. A piece of bicycle inner tube or garden hose with a hose clamp around it will allow you to turn the water on briefly, until a plumber arrives.
  • The pipe will have to be changed as soon as it's expedient to do so.

We offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services.

Fix a faucet that will not shut off

  • Instantly turn off the water at the fixture shutoff valve underneath the sink.
  • If there's no valve there, turn off the main shutoff.
  • Repair the faucet or, if necessary, replace it.

Unclog a stopped-up sink

  • Shut off any faucet or appliance (such as the dishwasher) that's draining into the sink.
  • Unclog the sink using a plunger or snake.
  • DON'T use a chemical drain cleaner if the line is completely blocked.

Maintain your toilet when faced with a variety of issues

If you are experiencing a noisy toilet, check for restricted water flow and a faulty ball-cock assembly. To mend your noisy toilet, do the following:

  • Amend the shutoff valve first.
  • Oil the trip lever or replace the ball-cock washers.
  • Swap the entire ball-cock assembly.
  • CAUTION: First turn off the water at the fixture shutoff valve. Then flush the toilet to empty the tank and sponge out any remaining water.

If you are experiencing a running toilet, check for:

  • Float arm not rising high enough.
  • Water-filled float ball.
  • Tank stopper not seating properly.
  • Corroded flus- valve seal.
  • Cracked overflow tube.
  • Ball-cock valve doesn't shut off

Remedies for a running toilet include:

  • Bend float arm down or away from tank wall.
  • Replace ball.
  • Adjust stopper guide rod and lift wires or chain. Replace defective stopper.
  • Scour valve seat or replace.
  • Replace tube or install new flush valve assembly.
  • Oil trip lever, replace faulty washers or install new ball-cock assembly.